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When the young fisherwoman Nalu finds a strange man named Atticus Gray stranded in the endless oceans of her world of Niuhee, she finds herself intrigued both by his flaunting of the rare material known as "metal" and his quest to find an ancient civilization buried under the waves, a quest she quickly finds herself wrapped up within. A quest to find the lost city known as Malalo, rumored to be buried under the waves centuries ago. Along the way they explore vast ruins, escape dreadful pirates, and Nalu has all she knows about the structure of the universe torn apart as she discovers her true place in the multiverse, a collection of realms known as "Ainoa". The first book by new author Liz Dumler, Malalo combines a comedic outlook with fantasy and sci-fi elements, inspired by the likes of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" or Terry Pratchett's "Discworld". It is not an easy book to describe in the description section of a website.


Liz Dumler is the prime example of a Goblin, if a prime example of a species would be someone probably playing video games right as you're reading this. She is an aspiring author, librarian, artist, and speedrunner of classic video games (if you know what that is, you'll be excited right now). She loves being yelled at about her book, so if you want to contact her, she's available on Twitter at @_Lizstar_. If you're bored, let her know what you thought. She loves that stuff.


The illustrator, R. Rogers, wants you to know that this was a great paycheck for them. You can see more of their amazing art over at @grimd0rk.


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